About Our Feeders


Individually Handcrafted

Our hummingbird feeders are whimsical, while practical.  Hummingbirds can empty these feeders because their tongue is as long as their beak, so they are able to reach the bottom of the feeder!  Each feeder top is individually handcrafted using polymer clay to sculpt flowers.  While many of our feeders are in reds and yellows as typically found, our experience is that the hummingbirds go to ALL of the colors we use in our feeders!  So have fun with all the different colors offered. 


Our feeders can be hung anywhere you normally hang your feeders - in a tree, a bush or on a patio.  We do also offer shepherd's hooks that are appropriately sized to hang in a hanging plant and window hooks so you can watch your hummingbirds at the window!  They are great fun!

A Beautiful Addition to your Hummingbird Feeder Collection

These small feeders are useful all throughout the feeding season.  Their advantage is that early in the season and late in the season when the hummingbird population is smaller you use less nectar.  High volume feeders can be hung with our miniature feeders when the population is large enough to warrant larger volumes of nectar.  It should also be mentioned that in the early spring and during migration the sugar content can be increased (1-1/2 cups sugar to 4 cups of water) to provide additional energy needed after and before a long flight.

Hanging your feeder

Our feeders hang from a wire loop at approximately a 45-degree angle as shown. The feeder should be filled to 2/3 of the jar capacity.  Wasps and bees cannot reach the sugar water.  


Storing your feeder…

To store for the winter, bend the wire over the top of the feeder as shown here to protect the integrity of the wire.